About Us

Beauty salon Maribell works since 2001 in the field which is very competitive. Beauty salon Maribell is for people who appreciate comfort, high service quality and professional workers. In our service we use only professional brands. In addition to our services we offer also products which you could use at home. Also we take care for our regular customers who have various of discounts. Our purpose is to offer our clients quick service with various treatments in one salon. The warranty at our success is development of products and services and personal approach to our customers.

“Life is beautiful!” Your`s Maribell

Salon is in the Rotermann Quarter, located in the heart of Tallinn between the Old Town, the port, and Viru Square, sits in a historically important area – the crossing point of the Tartu, Narva and Pärnu highways was at Viru Square in the 19th century, which is also the official centre of Tallinn.
Our cozy and spacious salon is waiting for you to relax and enjoy the best beauty treatments seven days a week.
E-R 9-20, L 10 – 18, P 10 – 17.00 Phone nr: +372 64 60 018